All hardware components installed are covered with 1 to 5 years warranty, subject to brand/model/local distributor. Each product’s specific warranty period will be specified in your invoice. The warranty period begins on the date of fulfilment, the day that you have confirmed an order with PC Kaki Pte Ltd.

We also provide 1-year onsite warranty for hardware failure only (pickup and return) for all of our Full-Build Systems.

Some components of the hardware you purchased may have a shorter warranty than that listed on your packing slip, invoice, receipt or other sales documentation. Additional details related to warranty duration are listed below.


Our warranty does not cover the following: 

  1. Software issues, including issues arising from any software, games and/or programs downloaded onto PCKAKi’s PC and/or any software updates unrelated to any of the hardware components installed in the PC.
  2. Issues caused by any peripheral items not purchased with PCKAKi / PC KAKi Pte Ltd.
  3. Issues that result, directly or indirectly, from: External causes such as accidents, acts of nature, misuse or problems with electrical power (for e.g.: connecting your PC to an improper voltage supply)
  4. Servicing not performed by our technicians and improper maintenance; improper reassembling, handling and installation not in accordance with any supplied.
  5. Misuse, abuse and unsuitable physical or operating environment.
  6. Modification of the PC of any components not provided, or installed by PCKAKi.
  7. Removal or re-assembling of any heat spreaders (RAMs, Graphic Cards etc.)
  8. Wear and tear associated with usage.
  9. PC with components where serial number or manufacturer identification number has been tampered with, where label(s) or sticker(s), have been removed, falsified, damaged, altered, or made illegible.
  10. Any other cause which does not relate to a product defect in materials or workmanship.
  11. Component failure after the stated warranty period listed in your invoice.


Depending on the issues that you face, our team will run diagnostic tests to determine if any of the components in your PCKAKi PC are causing the issue. If any hardware component has been confirmed to be causing the issue, our warranty will cover the replacement of the faulty component. If all individual components in a PCKAKi PC are determined in working condition, the issue could be caused by one of the software, games and/or programs that have been downloaded onto the PC.


Our warranty does not cover any issues that are caused by software, games and/or programs downloaded onto a PCKAKi PC. If one or more of your internal programs is causing an issue, you should inform the developer of the software to seek a solution. 

Our technicians can assist with reformatting the Operating System of your PCKAKi PC to resolve the issue temporarily. However, do note that you will lose all data. 

You are encouraged to back up your data periodically to avoid losing important data in case of PC failure to the point of no-boot.    


If a component in your PCKAKi PC is deemed faulty after diagnosis by one of our technicians, we will arrange for a replacement component to be installed in your PC before stress testing the PC to ensure it is operating at optimal condition.

a. One-for-one replacement

We will perform a one-for-one replacement of faulty component/s if there is a direct replacement in stock.

b. Replacement of a component of equal cost and/or specifications and of different brand

PCKAKi reserves the right to replace a faulty component with a substitution of equal cost and/or specifications if the original component has EOL and the distributor is unable to replace or repair the component. If there is more than one option available, our team will check with you on your preference.

c. Distributor Replacement

For warranty claims after the first year of warranty period, due to stock availability, we will not able to replace the faulty component immediately. The component/s will be sent to the respective distributor for replacement. In some instances, if an item has EOL, the distributor will replace it with an available item in the current generation of the product line. This process may take 1 to 2 working weeks,

The warranty period will continue while parts are being sent for repair/replacement

Subject to availability, if you require a workstation for work purposes, we can loan you a working PC for use till the component in service is returned from the distributor.

d. Loan PC / Component

Loaning of PC and/or component is subject to availability. For the PC or component loaned, please note that:

The transportation of the loan PC and/or component is not covered in the onsite warranty.

If the loan PC and/or component is found to be tampered / damaged through negligence, PCKAKi reserves the right to invoice to recover the cost for the respective components.

Warranty period will continue while parts are being sent for repair/replacement.

e. Credit Note

Pertaining to point (vi), in the event your component is beyond repair and there is no available replacement from the distributor and factory, we may offer a refund in the form of a credit note. 

The credit note can be used for purchasing of a replacement component at a discounted rate that is in stock, including upgrading to newer models by paying for the price difference. 


Our technicians will verify the following before proceeding with any form of servicing of your PCKAKi PC: 

  1. The PC is still covered within the warranty period
  2. General condition of the PC components to ensure that there has been no tampering which will void the warranty
  3. The components in the PC tallies with the customer’s invoice produced

If any of the above is not met, our technician can still provide technical support for your PC at a reasonable service charge.

You will be advised on the component/s that need to be replaced and if you wish to purchase a replacement component, you will be referred to a sales representative for assistance. 

If all of the above are met, our technician will proceed to diagnose your PC. This process takes 3 to 5 working days depending on the complexity of your issue. In more complicated cases which require extensive testing to determine the full diagnosis, the process might take up to 7 to 10 working days. The technician will inform and update you as they progress with the case. 

In the scenario where you require the PC due to work urgency & we are unable to determine the cause of hardware failure. PCKAKi shall not be responsible for any loss of income or claims as ample time was not given to provide for a full and proper diagnosis.